During the 80s and 90s  I had fun remixing dance tracks using turntables, open reel tape machines, a sampler, drum machine, and a razor.

But it’s so much easier now with apps such as Adobe Audition and Reason. I hope you enjoy my eclectic selection of remixes.

  1. What Difference Does it Make (The Strum mix) The Smiths (Remix Steve Hart) 3:52
  2. Hungry Like The Wolf (The Hunger mix) Duran Duran (Remix Steve Hart) 5:13
  3. Living by Numbers (The I Spy mix) New Musik (Remix Steve Hart) 4:07
  4. Johnny Remember Me (The Haunted mix) John Leyton with Lissa Gray (Remix Steve Hart) 3:36
  5. Rock Around The Clock (The Old 1, 2 mix) Bill Haley & the Comets (Remix Steve Hart) 2:24
  6. Pepper Box (The Sneeze mix) The Peppers (Remix Steve Hart) 2:37

If you own any of the songs on this page, and want me to remove your work from this site, then just flick me an email and it’s as good as done.