Podcasting Made Easy

Start podcasting for fun and profit!

The journey of a million miles begins with one single teeny-weeny step. And guess what, you have just taken the first step to becoming a podcaster. Even better news is that the journey to you becoming a successful podcaster is not a million mile journey.

It’s much, much shorter – in fact all your podcasting ambitions can be achieved within 70 pages of a no-nonsense easy-to-read A5 sized paperback.

Podcasting Made Easy was written with you in mind – the absolute podcast beginner.

I could write about my book all day; but the proof is in the pudding.

If you really want to know all there is to go from an idea to actually having your own successful podcast listed on all the top Podcast sites then you have to take that second step. Take a breath and dig deep.

You can have Podcasting Made Easy in your hands within a few days via my good friends at The Book Depository. A safe and secure site that sends my book to really happy customers all over the world – with free postage!

Podcasting basics

If you want to know which microphone and software you need, how to market your podcast to attract valuable subscribers (potential customers), build a website, get a show logo, interview people….and everything else it takes to become a brilliant podcaster then Podcasting Made Easy will take you through the journey step by step by step by step.

What you won’t find in my book is lots of dull, boring and highly technical information that lots of people can find hard to understand (not you of course).

Instead Podcasting Made Easy has been written with the absolute non-techie newbie in mind because I know that podcasting will be another string to your bow – not your main business.

You want to use podcasting as a marketing tool, you want it now and to be on air as soon as possible.

If you have no clue whatsoever about audio recording and distributing your first podcast – and you have even a basic computer – then honestly, this really is the book for you.

Podcasting Made Easy is available now. Have it delivered in a few days and start podcasting within the week.

Free first chapter

OK – I know what you are thinking. ‘Yeah, but what does it really read like’. You want to see the first chapter before you part with your cash. I understand completely.

Tell you what. Click the Download link HERE and you can get a free no obligation first chapter of Podcasting Made Easy as a PDF download.  I won’t even ask for your name or email address.

Bottom line, I think you will be so impressed that if you are really serious about podcasting then you will click over to The Book Depository and grab yourself the full hard copy paperback of this easy-to-understand guide that’s packed full of the information you need to start and grow your own podcast.

Maybe you’ll even buy two copies to give one to a friend!

Worldwide listeners

Well, if you got this far then you must really be interested in making your own unique podcast and spreading your news, information and passion across the globe.

Fact is, more people than ever are listening to podcasts, and there is always room for one more – yours!

The beauty of audio podcasts is that people don’t need to look at a video screen to enjoy them, the audio MP3 files are small so they can be downloaded even when bandwidth is limited and slow. (Yes, I even tell you how to make really tiny high quality audio files that feature your artwork as their icon).

And of course, those podcasts remain with people until they decide to delete them – which few do. They sit there to be shared and enjoyed again.

All I can say now is thanks for reading; grab the introduction PDF, buy the book today, and however you get there…happy podcasting!

All the best.

Steve Hart